Thursday, February 3, 2011

Zoya Anastasia

Hi guys,
This is my very first blog post ever so please be gentle with me. /sweat

Today I have Zoya's Anastasia from their Magique collection.  I was lucky enough to win this during Zoya's random fan giveaway on their facebook page.  Let me tell you it is gorgeous!!!

I used 1 coat of Zoya anchor, 2 coats of Anastasia followed by a thin layer of Zoya Armor, then Seche Vite
 The Zoya website describes Anastasia as: A warm brown with strong purple tones with golden plum duochrome and heavy gold microglitter. 

I love this polish!!! It went on smoothly and was opaque in two coats. The brown and purple duochrome is a really pretty combo that's perfect for the winter months while the microglitter keeps it from being boring.
In this pic you can see a bit of the purple tones peeking out. Shiny!!!!
It's so pretty it makes me want to do the happy dance!!! 

I know this pic is kinda dark but it really shows how brown Anastasia can appear as well as some of the gold tones.

All in all this shade is definitely going in my keeper pile.
I'm really starting to crush on Zoya as a company.  Their polishes are Big 3 Free, their giveaways are the best I've seen so far and the Zoya Fairy (their title not mine) who maintains their Facebook page is pretty entertaining.

Zoya polishes retail for $7 and can be purchased at

Till next time


  1. You're welcome for suggesting the color for you! It looks freaking gorgeous! Must steal, er borrow...

  2. lol... if it goes missing I know where to look


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