Sunday, October 11, 2015

Still plugging away!

Hey there folks that are still checking in.  Thank you kindly!  For the moment, Instagram is the easiest way for me to post.  I'm hoping that one day I can commit to full posts, but today is not that day!  

Please check me out at @andziawolski 

Here's my latest post using Zoyas matte velvets. The base is Sue with distressed streaks of Honor, Yves, Savita and Verushhka.  It's my second attempt at the distressed look and I think they came or well!   

Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!  

Thank you kindly!

Andzia <(")

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Why water marbling will be the death of me...

A cheerful Sunday Morning to you all!

I had recently learned about two "not as messy" water marbling techniques.  Yup.  Super late to that party.  Since I can't even brush my teeth without looking like a rabid hyena, water marbling is an all out disaster for me.  And I can't get any designs to ever look as nice as the ones I see online.  So, I decided to try out a couple of other methods.

The first method I found here Water Marble Nail Art Applique/   This appealed to me for a couple of reasons, mostly because I would have more control of the design on my nails.  It....didn't quite work out how I planned.  I would also like to add that any errors in the disastrous results are mine and mine alone.  

Without much further are my results:

Sooo much pretty!

More glittery goodness!

Like hobgoblin blood in a cup...

I is so smrt...

Bottle shot..sounds like a war cry..

This was after they tried to run away...

And here are the actual nails...

Oh the humanity!

The beautiful slaughter of a manicure

I believe I was weeping tears of Nail Junkie at this point

Now, this was a first attempt, but after two fingers, any thought of a full mani went out the door.  I used Sinful Colors Al Fresco for the base, which is beautiful all on its own.  And here is where I made my fatal error: I didn't wait for my base to dry enough.  And it ended up being a disaster.  And I honestly have little to no patience for the amount of clean up necessary to make any water marble to work.  So I quickly scrubbed my nails clean and went to method two.  

Chaotic chaos...used the same colors because of reasons


Wow, that looks so much


So again, all the error is on my end.  I can't remember where I had seen this method, but I definitely found it online and I made the same mistake here: impatience.  The nail polish wasn't quite dry enough to pull from the bag without tearing and my base color was still too wet.  I ended up folding over several layers of the decal to get decent coverage and you can see the amazing results here.  I wore this for one day because I was not up to do anymore mani that day.  It peeled right off within 24 hours.  Which meant less to remove later that evening.

I will try this again, learning from my mistakes (I hope).  Colors used for both were: all Sinful Colors: Al Fresco; Be Happy; Nail Junkie; Savage; and Rise and Shine.

Here are the other manis I did this week which were posted on Instagram @AndziaWolski

Sally Hansen CSM Punch Drunk with Deborah Lippmann Sugar Rum Cherry and Some Enchanted Evening accents
About the Girliest I get 

 China Glaze Fancy Pants and Dashboard Dreamer
Cloudy stippling ombres of amazeballs!
A England Perceval and Glitter Gal Black 3D

Regimes tend to fall every day.  I tend not to weep over that...

Thank you kindly!

Andzia <(")

Sunday, April 26, 2015

One more time...with FEELING!

Hello all!

Well, I'm starting to sound like a broken record.  As most of you understand, life happens.  Since I've last updated this blog, I've lived me a life.  Most importantly, I made my biggest decision ever to give up a fairly well paying job that I absolutely loathed and went to live in my sister's basement for 5 months. :)   Along with that came my farewell to the always sunny Philadelphia area and a warm hello to my family friendly city of Cleveland.  I miss Philly, but have had zero regrets about my move.  I'm in a better place emotionally and psychologically.  I have plans for the future, and though I'm not exactly where I want to be, I can honestly say that I am on the road to happy.  And in the indelible words of Ani DiFranco:  "If you're not getting happier as you get older, then you're fucking up."  

So, back to the polish.  I have started to (kind of) regularly post on Instagram, where you can find me here: @AndziaWolski  and/or Tumblr here: @andzia18 .  They are much quicker mediums to post and I can try to remember to upload my stuff that way. In theory. That being said, I miss writing, so I am going to try to post here once a week to start off with.  I'm not looking to compete with any of the amazing blogs out there, which I check several times a week.  All of the polishes, I have bought or received as gifts from friends, and I know the chances of me ever getting any collections to review are slim, and I'm okay with that.  I am here because I love the polish and it makes me happy.  And I love to share things that make me happy.  

So if you happen to stumble upon this little piece of happiness and want to leave a comment, that's cool.  Or don't.  I lurk at many blogs and don't join in on the conversation, but I appreciate all of the amazing artistic things I see out there.  I will also be starting another blog that will focus on my other nerdy interests, primarily tabletop games, all things languages and linguistics (WORDS!  ALL THE WORDS!), books and entertainment, and finally whatever shiny piece of nerdiness that grabs my attention at that moment.  If you're interested, then you can go here: Don't put me in a box.

On to the actual nails!
Here is a spam post of some of the mani's I've done but not posted anywhere in the last 2 years.

Catrice: Shopping Day at Bluemingdales

I recently obsessed over this color, which is much more purple in real life (of course it is).  I added two of the newer Finger Paints flakie top coats (clear base not the more yellowy ones) on top (can't remember which ones..oops) and it was lovely!.  I was able to pick up a shit load of Catrices last year when I visited my mom in Poland. The drug stores in that small town love it when I visit!  I can't remember which chain I was at but it was BOGO which was fantastic!

CND  Effects over black

Completely forgot I had these!  When I was the "Basement resident of 2014" (there have been others! my family is very awesome and have huge hearts!)  I had the majority of my polishes in storage and I became really freaked out when we started having seriously cold temps.  Highs in the single digits.  Fortunately, I only lost a total of 2 bottles, which, one, I really didn't care about (a double ended Revlon ... I wasn't a huge fan of them anyways) and my absolute favorite color China Glaze Exotic Encounters!  I don't buy back-ups due to finances and space, however this was the rare occasion where I had!  WOOT!  Crisis avoided.  So since I've moved into my new place I  have started the end all of nail polish projects:  THE CATALOG!  Simultaneously, I am working on updating an excel file with all of my polishes, plus ALL THE SWATCHES!  And when I'm done with that, I think I may reorganize.  We'll see.   

So I have a habit of buying toppers...and never using them.  So this was me trying to use them.  And remind myself what they even looked like.  Aaaaand, I wish I remembered which order I did them in. I'm pretty sure that my thumb was Jade Sparkle and my ring was Sapphire Sparkle.  My index is probably Emerald Shimmer and then I have Amethyst Sparkle and Crimson Sparkle, but I thought I didn't find Crimson until after I did this skittle mani.  Well, I suck.  

Matte Googly Eyes

Here was one of the Halloween manis I did for 2014. I used Sally Hanses Xtreme Wear Chain Mail. My clean up here was pretty lazy.  But I freaking LOVED this.  And it chipped off within 24 hours. Sad face.

The next 6 are from 2013 and I'm going to id them the best I can.

I wished I remembered
Many of my uploads are either from my car or my desk.  It's usually when I either remember or have the best light.  I believe the index and pinkie are Butter London Petrol over black. The timings right on for that one (Nov 2013) and the middle and ring... look like some jaged flakies over black and then mattified.  I'll have to try to recreate it.  I like it!

I love Olive!

This one may be China Glaze Westside Warrior, which is one of my favorites, with a glitter top coat. Best I can do for this one.

Halloween 2013 With OPI Black Spotted

I was able to order a bottle of OPI Black Spotted through Zulily while I was waiting for my next trip to Poland to collect the bottle I had my niece find for me!  Not sure of the base colors, and my ring has a black crackle...possible OPI as well.

All the sparkle

I had a slight obsession where I was throwing China Glaze Fairy Dust ON EVERYTHING.  Because of reasons.  

Mystery prettiness
 My best guess is that these were part of Zoya's autumn collections probably Channing with some gold glitter on top.  I don't have Maria Luisa, but I think I was trying to recreate that with what I had.

And finally this one was definitely the Maybelline Vintage Leather collection.  High Style Sienna and Antique Teal.  I love the idea but I don't remember loving these that much.  

Well thanks for checking in here, and hopefully I can share some more happiness here in the future. 

Go find your happy!  <(")

Andzia (formerly signing off as Luci)

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