Sunday, May 3, 2015

Why water marbling will be the death of me...

A cheerful Sunday Morning to you all!

I had recently learned about two "not as messy" water marbling techniques.  Yup.  Super late to that party.  Since I can't even brush my teeth without looking like a rabid hyena, water marbling is an all out disaster for me.  And I can't get any designs to ever look as nice as the ones I see online.  So, I decided to try out a couple of other methods.

The first method I found here Water Marble Nail Art Applique/   This appealed to me for a couple of reasons, mostly because I would have more control of the design on my nails.  It....didn't quite work out how I planned.  I would also like to add that any errors in the disastrous results are mine and mine alone.  

Without much further are my results:

Sooo much pretty!

More glittery goodness!

Like hobgoblin blood in a cup...

I is so smrt...

Bottle shot..sounds like a war cry..

This was after they tried to run away...

And here are the actual nails...

Oh the humanity!

The beautiful slaughter of a manicure

I believe I was weeping tears of Nail Junkie at this point

Now, this was a first attempt, but after two fingers, any thought of a full mani went out the door.  I used Sinful Colors Al Fresco for the base, which is beautiful all on its own.  And here is where I made my fatal error: I didn't wait for my base to dry enough.  And it ended up being a disaster.  And I honestly have little to no patience for the amount of clean up necessary to make any water marble to work.  So I quickly scrubbed my nails clean and went to method two.  

Chaotic chaos...used the same colors because of reasons


Wow, that looks so much


So again, all the error is on my end.  I can't remember where I had seen this method, but I definitely found it online and I made the same mistake here: impatience.  The nail polish wasn't quite dry enough to pull from the bag without tearing and my base color was still too wet.  I ended up folding over several layers of the decal to get decent coverage and you can see the amazing results here.  I wore this for one day because I was not up to do anymore mani that day.  It peeled right off within 24 hours.  Which meant less to remove later that evening.

I will try this again, learning from my mistakes (I hope).  Colors used for both were: all Sinful Colors: Al Fresco; Be Happy; Nail Junkie; Savage; and Rise and Shine.

Here are the other manis I did this week which were posted on Instagram @AndziaWolski

Sally Hansen CSM Punch Drunk with Deborah Lippmann Sugar Rum Cherry and Some Enchanted Evening accents
About the Girliest I get 

 China Glaze Fancy Pants and Dashboard Dreamer
Cloudy stippling ombres of amazeballs!
A England Perceval and Glitter Gal Black 3D

Regimes tend to fall every day.  I tend not to weep over that...

Thank you kindly!

Andzia <(")

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