Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome to our little part of the 'verse

Well, Hello there!

So you've stumbled upon another new nail polish blog?, Well, good, good for you! So you're here for the pretty pictures and to mock our cuticles, well get in line!

Ok, seriously folks.  We know that there are a bazillion nail polish blogs out there, but that doesn't make our little blog of joy any less relevant or...joyous?  I, Luci, take full responsibility in dragging Mac into this kicking and screaming, but maybe we can form our own little niche in this great wide web.  We're here to add our two cents into one of the best obsessions out there:  spelunking, I mean nail polish.  Show some of our favorite colors *uh-hum greens and teals or reds and purples* on two different types of skin colors:  Eastern European Pasty Alabaster and Caribbean Exotic. 

We welcome all comments and opinions, just beware of the villagers with pitchforks and C4.

Just for laughs, I'm going to put up my very first attempt to capture my favorites for Fall '10.  You've been warned...

Nice and fuzzy...
Left to right starting with thumb:  Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure: Haute Chocolate; China Glaze: Riveter Rouge; Orly: Galaxy Girl; Essie: Sew Psyched; Zoya: Kelly

Well, this is the first of hopefully many posts with infinitely better photos!

Thanks and have a good one!



  1. After I saw you use "'verse," I scoured through the Who are we? section until I saw the mention of Firefly! :D Hooray!

  2. LOL, It's nice to see a fellow Browncoat who likes shiny things! Someone should do a Firefly themed collection...


  3. They definitely should. :) It's fun to see different bloggers that like Firefly or other Whedon shows!

    I thought about posting Firefly character themed manis, but I don't know if readers will appreciate (understand?) the geek out. Haha!

  4. I was just thinking about doing a Firefly mani for the next "Can't Stop the Serenity". Maybe Brown base with the serenity kanji in gold?

  5. That sounds gooorgeous! :). Can't wait to see it!

  6. Blue Sun anyone...

    And Erin I would total appreciate a Firefly themed mani!

  7. I might have to start digging through my collection and make a little series of them, then! :)

    I did a Drusilla manicure to see if I had any readers that were Buffy fans. A couple were! :D


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