Sunday, February 13, 2011

I have some pastels. Yes, me. Really.

Hello All!

First off I want to apologize for the long wait on the next post.  I had the foresight to swatch extras on my last day off, because I knew my next day off would be probably hectic, and I work long hour shifts.  Well, that plan fell apart as I was just too tired to post, and I was right, Friday was hectic.

I convinced Mac (it wasn't hard) to go to the King Of Prussia Mall with me.  For those of you who don't know, it's the second largest mall in America, about 20 minutes from where I live.  I don't go there too often for several reasons:  1) I used to work there, so had to give myself time to actually miss it B) It's a fancy shmancy mall, which equals big $$$ and green) as a non teenager, I don't want to deal with teenagers.  At a mall.  On a weekend.  Well, we went anyways.

I've haven't really shopped KOP for nail polish (for shame!), until I accidentally found Deborah Lippmann at Neiman Marcus a couple of weeks ago.  Did I mention that NM has valet parking?  At the mall.  See above adjectives. 

We both made it out with something off of our lemming list, plus some shiny, shiny pretties.  I'll get to my stash later on.  BTW we also hit Target and Ulta, so my final tally was 19 bottles in one day!  Needless to say, my budget is blown for like 3 months, but we'll see how that goes...

On to my delayed post: this is the second part of my old as sin classic Orly collection.  These are the pastels, though I think that they were actually released in two separate collections.  I bought these, well, my best guess is between 15-20 years ago; they are some of my oldest polishes.  Anybody remember Hills?  Yeah, I'm pretty confident that's where I bought them.  I distinctly remember buying them under the harsh glare of the florescent lights.  Anyways, I remember thinking how very pretty they all were, all soft and springy!  Which was shows you how unpredictable I am, since I was an emo, goth, nerd before either emo or goth were really in.  I was a champion headbanger. Anyhoo, on to the pretties!!

Orly Aqua Pastel
Aqua Pastel is a very, very creamy light mint color, that could almost be called ecru.  It is just this side of not being cream.  It was the thickest of the pastel Orlys .  It was pretty brush strokey, and didn't quite even out.  Index finger is 2 coats with a top coat; middle finger is 3 coats no top and ring finger is just 2 coats no top coat.  I think the color could have been interesting if it evened out.  Next swatch I'll try with some thinner first.

Orly Blue Pastel

The only reason I know the difference between Orly Blue Pastel and Orly Breathless Blue is that I managed to get some polish on the bottle, they're pretty similar.  BP is a very pretty light blue creme that handled much better than AP, though it never quite evened out either.  Again, index 2 coats with top; middle 3 coats no top coat and ring just 2 coats no top.  Again, looking to swatch again with some thinner.

Orly Breathless Blue

When I was doing some online searching, this is the only color that came up, though it was in the new, round Orly bottle.  I'd be interested to find out if its identical, because I freaking love this color!  This one was the least streaky/thick and actually looked pretty good when set.  This is an exquisite dusky blue with green undertones.  Not close to a teal, but definitely greener than BP.  I <3 this color. Again index 2 coats with top; middle 3 coats no top, and ring 2 coats no top.  SQUEE!

Orly Hello Yellow

Hello Yellow was  pretty streaky, considering you can actually see it on the slightly unfocused swatch.  I would call this a sunny, butter yellow creme.  It's not a bright yellow, a bit more subdued, but it makes my hand look very, very red.  This is my only yellow, since I am not a warm color girl in general.  Index finger is 2 coats with top; middle is 3 coats with no top; ring is 2 coats no top.  I'm glad I have a yellow in my stash, and I doubt I'll buy another, even if this one is pretty horrible to use.  

Ok, so I've promised I would improve my pics, and I will.  On the ultra-mega-uber-awesomesauce nail polish shopping coma of love day, Mac figured out what I was doing wrong with my macro.  Basically, I thought I was activating it, and I wasn't.  So, my next post will actually contain clear theory!  I'm super excited about the shiny polishes I bought, and just to tease, I've got some new E.L.F., Nars, Illamasqua and Deborah Lippmanns!  Well, new to me anyways!

Thanks and have a good one!

Luci <(")


  1. I love Breathless Blue! I might have start hunting for it in the new bottle. I wonder how Hello Yellow compares to American Apparel Trenchcoat. Are they close in color?

  2. Nope, HY is much sunnier, Trenchcoat has much more of a mustardy undertone.

    Yeah, let me know when you pick up BB in the new bottle, mmkaythanks.


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