Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nothings gonna change my world...

Deborah lippman Across the universe

I apologize for the fuzzy picture...again.  Mac's the photographer, I just muddle through life getting distracted by shiny thi...ohhh Princess Bride...

Anywhoo.  I was walking through the King Of Prussia Mall looking for Claire's to feed my addiction when walking through Neiman Marcus, while on the phone with Mac, I literally stopped in my tracks, and mid sentence, and uttered: " Oh my god, they have Deborah Lippmann!"  I oohed and aahed at the pretty colors, picked up and put down Call Me Irresponsible about three times, and then hurried away from the steep price tag and kept looking for Claire's.

Did I mention the mall was going to close in 25 minutes?  Anyway, it takes about 3 days to properly shop KOP, so after I got lost turned around, I managed to find Claire's.  And then I became thoroughly disappointed in the teenie-bopper neon colors they had there.  My mind and heart would accept nothing less than Deborah Lippmann. 

In full disclosure I had just purchased Ching Glaze Sea Spray and Starboard at Ulta with my 20% coupon, and had decided to put down a Revlon polish (Lily?) because I had bought too many polishes, and I am going on a couple of trips that I need to save up for and...you know, the usual voice in the back of your mind asking you do you reaaaaaally need this polish...and that voice proudly professes:  YES! YES YOU DO!  BUY IT! BUY IT! BUYITBUYITBUYIT!  No?  Just me then.

I had very bravely fought the BUYITs and put down the precious and managed to leave Ulta spending less than $20, which in its own way is a freaking miracle.  Long story short (too late), I was proud to have been very frugal.  Then I went to the mall.  Silly monkey.

I didn't stand a chance when I walked by the counter with all the pretty, pretty DL bottles.  They. Are. Adorable.  I was ready to walk out empty handed, even though I had Mac in my ear asking about Bad Romance and ATU.  At first glance they weren't there so I was ready to walk away, when lo and behold (tangent:  how do you lo? I can figure out how to behold, but lo has me in a bit of a quandary.) Then, my eyes fell on the the word "across" and I may or may not have squealed.  I plead the fifth.  It was a done deal.  SO gorgeous in the bottle. 

So, after all that, here's the kicker.  I've discovered I don't like hex glitter.  At all.  It's very pretty, but I feel that there's something odd about my nails.  Maybe I need to layer it over a solid creme, or I need to be more cautious about where I place the glitter, or maybe I needed another layer of top coat.  I don't know, but there's something...off.  Mind you still gorgeous, but not the amazingness I was expecting. 

Anyways, waiting to hold off complete judgment on DL until I can try another shade, hopefully a creme.

Thanks and have a good one!



  1. LOL... I am more than willing to take ATU off of your hands. It deserves to live in a good home where it will be loved and cherished for its hexagonal beauty. :P

  2. Hmm, we'll see. I have to try it again, but who knows?


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