Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Nail Polish Power Suit

Butter London: All Hail the Queen

Hi all,
Do you ever have those shades that make you feel more confident when you wear them?  That's what today's shade does for me.  I call it my version of a Power Suit.

Today I have All Hail the Queen from Butter London from their Fall 2010 collection.  This polish used to be called All Hail McQueen (after Alexander McQueen).  I'm not sure why they changed it but it's gorgeous no matter what it's called.

This shade is a holographic taupe.  On my darker skintone it works great as a nude.  It would give me mannequin hands if it wasn't for the fantastic holographic shimmer.  I admit the holo in this polish isn't very "in your face"  but I think the subtlety is what makes it perfect for the office.  It's a great work appropriate neutral and the shimmer gives it a special kick to take it up a notch.  When I wear it I feel both stylish and professional.

OPI BC for natural nails, 3 coats polish, no topcoat

I had absolutely no problems with the formula.  The polish went on smoothly and was opaque in two coats.  I used three because I wanted a slightly darker shade.

Click the pic on the left to see more of the holo effect.

This polish has definitely become one of my favorites.  I got a lot of good comments the first time I wore it and my sister promptly borrowed it for a business trip to LA.  She even got compliments on her polish from a stylist at a photo shoot!  It has been passed around several times now between my mother and two of my sisters.  I bought the bottle in mid-January and about 1/4th of it has been used already!!!  Luckily my sister & mother recently purchased their own bottles so I won't run out anytime soon. (I was afraid I was going to have to hide the bottle :P )

The polish is pricey but the impressive formula and amazing color makes it worthwhile.  I definitely want to buy more from Butter London -- I think Victoriana and Marrow may be my next purchases.

Butter London polishes are Big 3 Free and retail for $14.  They are available at,, and as well as in select Ulta stores.

Till next time...


  1. Woot! That color definitely is you. I don't think I realized that it had a holo, may have to swatch, My guess it will be way to mannequin-ie for me. I will definitely check them out, they're not at my usual Ulta...which is good that I have 2 back ups :)

    BTW your dancing psychedelic turkey with bizarre eyes is freaking me out...

  2. thanks... and it's not a turkey. It's a dancing rabbit wearing a rainbow afro. Which is much better. :p

  3. Only if you're on crack. Please stay off the crack. Look what happened to Whitney!

    Anyways, the color looks awesome!

  4. @ Sylvia

    Thanks!! It's definitely on my list of favorite shades. :)

  5. This polish is pretty amazing. I cringe at the thought of spending $3 on nail polish, let alone $14 but this bottle would be the exception... unless I can keep borrowing from Mac! :)

    Power suit indeed!


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