Monday, February 14, 2011

Afternoon Delight!

Hello All,

Just a quickie NOTD in honor of Valentine's Day.

Illamasqua Throb
Illamasqua Throb, part of the new Throb Collection is freaking fantastic.  This was one of the finds that I got in my little shopping spree last weekend at KOP.  I purchased this at Sephora there. I am in so much trouble, they have a full display there.  GORRAMMIT!

Throb was like butter.  The formula is amazing, the pigmentation phenomenal, the  Talk about the ultimate red.  I'm dubbing this the Little Red Polish (LRP).  Everything that you've read about it...all true.  This is actually 3 coats with top, but it's opaque with one.  ONE COAT!  I had some chipping, since I forgot to put on a top my first time around, instead of starting over, I just touched up.  I don't want to take it off.  Ever.

Thanks and have a good one!

Luci <(")

BTW, in focus picture!  Now I have to be super obsessive with the details now...


  1. Great Pic!!! So if Throb is the little red polish then is Jungle Red ... the big red polish?

  2. Jungle Red is its own bad self, it needs no other names. It is...JUNGLE RED!

    I'm thinking I might do a theme of reds for a couple of weeks, but we'll see.


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