Saturday, June 18, 2011

Deja vu!

Well, hello all again!

Lots has been going on so let me explain.  No, no that will take to long, let me sum up:
I went to a work conference, then directly on vacation, then came back to work for a week, started working on remodels. started training someone, trained my self, will continue training for about the next month (others not me) and hopefully will go back to training (myself).  In short, I'm overwhelmed and exhausted and the blog has suffered.

That being said, I will try to make a valiant effort to show you all of my pretties (I'll get you...hehehehehehe) from Poland.  And don't let Mac tell you she didn't get some shinies!  She totally did.  I've also managed to cross some stuff from my Lemming list.  And yes, I totally jumped on the Crackle fad.  Since those have been swatched to death (thankfully!  How else was I supposed to know I needed all of them?)  I'll just post when I do something wacky and/or kooky.  Maybe a little off the wall?  Hmm....

So in order to post my new Polish polish (he!  That never gets old!)  I must finish my previous International House of Polish post, which I can do in one go.  BTW, I want to thank those that actually read through this intro before jumping to the pics.  I like to think I am both witty and charming.  Hawk. Iris. Bamboozled. Hogwarts. Pomplemousse.  Lesczynska Queen of the Forest.  Right, that's what I thought....

Atelier is a Spanish produced polish that I can't find any info on.  I know I got this in 2000, because that's when I was in Spain.  Yeah!  Logic!
Atelier 451

Atelier 451

Atelier 451

  So, wow.  Gorgeous, gorgeous sparkly purple!  2 coats, with base coat.  The formula was pretty thick and clumpy, but the color is beautiful!

Atelier 454

Atelier 454

This is a lovely taup-y foil that was quite streaky.  2 coats with base.  Again, clumpy formula...I really need to invest in some thinner.  The color is a lovely, but not forgiving.  You can see every flaw in my nails, which is par the course for a foil, and why I tend to shy away from them.  However, I like it enough.

Nabila label states "Italian Cosmetics"  and "Made in Spain", so there you go!  No info to be found, this would have been 1999 or 2000. 
Nabila 14

Nabila 14

I <3 chromes!  And by my best guess, I picked this up right before Sally Hansen came out with the Chrome Nail Makeup (really, we didn't have enough names for what we paint our nails with?)  The formula was, say it with me, thick, and to be honest, I always remember this as being so.  But I love silvers, greys and chromes, and 10+ years ago, they were no where to be found!  Man we get so spoiled, so easily!

Colour Cosmetics seems to be owned by L'Oreal, but not sure about when I purchased it.  I know I purchased it in Germany, Berlin to be exact, and it says "Made in England" and I just give up.  You win.
Colour Cosmetics 607

Colour Cosmetics 607

Well, this was my first foray into duochromes, and we never forget our firsts!  I love love love love love it!  That being said, I have a ton of duos that are way better, but nostalgia and all and look it so shiny!  Periwinkle to lilac. 'nuff said!  Formula was not horrible, but still kinda thick.  But did I mention pretty!?!

So that is the end of my original International colours, the 'u'  makes 'em fancy.  I will do swatches soon of the newbies!  Yeah, plus I really want to swatch all of my Zoyas, because I love them more than I love sugar, and sugar is my heroin.  So, I think it will be big batches followed by silence.  That sounds about right.

Thanks and have a good one!
<(")  Luci

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Bonus Track:

American Apparel Mac Arthur Park with China Glaze Crackle Black Mesh and Cracked Concrete
My hand made camo nails!

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