Friday, October 7, 2011

This is my kinda pink!

Quick NOTD:  Illamasqua Vice from the Theater of the Nameless collection, this is my first pink mani for October. I freaking love love love love love love love love it! So not me at first glance but the color is just right on. Feminine and strong! The rubber texture is fun and dries quickly.  This is two coats over Sally Hansen Hard As Nails. No top.
Thanks and have a good one!
Luci <(")

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Damn you Essie, you win this round!

Here's a quick NOTD using only Essie colors.  Sigh.  I've been experimenting with multicolors on one hand and decided to give Essie another shot.  Application was great, with 2 coats of each color over Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails, a coat of Poshe, then China Glaze Cracked Concrete to mute it down a smidgen.  I didn't want to like the Essie, but there's been minimal tip wear in 48 hours, which for me is very good!  I would get another full day of wear from this, except I've got a mini college ruin this weekend and will do a British and French manis in honor that.  Sorry I didn't take a pic of the mani before the crackle :(

Thumb: Fair Game
Pointer: Coat Azure
Middle: Dive Bar
Index: Incognito
Pinkie: Sew Psyched  (more of a textured look, even in RL not too much of a distinction)


More sunlight

Weird alien red light

Shadow with flash

Thanks and have a good one!!

Luci <(")
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