Friday, February 4, 2011

Luci learns to use her camera..

Hello there!

Well, I'm trying to learn how to use my camera to take non-fuzzy in focus swatches, but right now I may be asking for too much.

So, I, like thousands others, took advantage of Zoya's Facebook 3 free promotion.  I just have to shout out to Zoya, how awesome that they did that!  I was already a fan prior to the giveaway, but now I'm obsessively checking their website and adding to my bag for my next purchase!  As someone who has an extensive retail background, I want to congratulate the Zoya marketing team for their evil, evil ploy.  Nicely done.  I and many others will be back.

My current Zoya Collection:
Top row left to right:   Cheryl, Valeria, Ki, Edyta, Irene, Shawn, Envy, Suvi, Veruschka
Bottom row left to right: Akyra, Charla, Ibiza, Indigo, Julieanne, Pinta, Kelly

Gee, can you guess what colors I like?

So, I'm still working on the execution of the photo please be gentle!

Zoya Cheryl

Cheryl came out  Fall of 2010 as part of the Wicked and Wonderful collection.  Little side note, totally squealed when I realized that all of the colors were named after either Dancing With The Stars judges/professionals or winners.  I am such a geek.

Cheryl was fully opaque in two coats, and this photo has no base or top coat.  Cheryl is a beautiful rich brown shimmer that is just amazing.  Honestly, brown is one of my least favorite colors, but this is freaking gorgeous.  It can almost make me change my mind about brown.  Almost.  This is an exception.  Formula was great, and I will say this more than once, but Zoya has ruined me with their awesome opacity. 

Zoya Valerie 
Valerie is part of the Flame Collection, which came out winter of 2010.  I cannot even begin to say enough about this color!  This is by far my favorite Zoya color.  I'm gonna guess for all eternity.  But I'm a dragon and easily distracted so that statement may change.

Again the opacity was great with two coats.  It's a magenta-y/purple with a shimmer and it is just gorgeous.  There's a golden duochrome in the bottle that doesn't really come out on the nail, but I don't care.  It is just awesome.  This is in the same collection as Sarah, and that is in my next order.  I'm hoping it becomes my favorite red EVAH!

Thanks and have a good one!


  1. you definitely need more reds!

  2. I'm not sure what kind of camera you have, but does it have a macro setting? It seems like on a lot of cameras, it's indicated with a little tulip.

    When I take my pictures, I turn on the macro setting and turn off the flash. The flash is nice for catching more subtle shimmers in polishes, but it also washes out the rest of the picture. Sometimes it's best to have good lighting somewhere in your house or workplace. If you're truly obsessed with trying to photo your nails, you'll catch yourself running outside to snap a photo, even if it's just a sunny moment on a winter day! Haha! I think that macro will definitely make your pictures sharper, though. :)

    Valerie is beautiful! I wish that I would have picked that one up in the Zoya promo!

  3. Erin, thanks for the input! I've been trying to fiddle around with the macro, but still have trouble getting a nice clear zoomed in shot. I need Mac to figure it out and teach me how to do it, she's the photo expert. I just feed the obsession!

    BTW, you should absolutely get Valerie! Which ones did you pick up during the promo?

  4. Oh! I guess when I use macro, I never zoom in. I just put the camera close enough to get a good shot. Maybe the zooming is the issue?

    I ended up getting Ivanka, Robyn, and Ki. I really should have gotten Valerie instead of Ki or Robyn, though! So gorgeous!

  5. I will try not zooming, maybe that's my problem. I really didn't think I would have so many issues with focus!

    I was kinda disappointed in Ki, but maybe I need to try her when I'm in a duochrome mood. Ivanka is on my wishlist, I have Charla and adore her! Robyn looks amazing, but I am in a creme mood right now :)

  6. You know, it seems easy as pie until you try to take pictures of your hands right in front of a camera. I know exactly what you mean. :)

    I'm not a huge duochrome girl, so I got her hoping that it would cure that. Ehhh... Not really. I'll try it again in the spring when the sun is out more. :) Ivanka is gorgeous, so I suggest that one wholeheartedly. Robyn looks brighter in pictures than in real life. I liked it just fine, and it dried shiny like a cream rather than matte like a neon, but I really felt that it wasn't much different in color than the pretty bright blue from the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line (Blue Me Away?). So that was a slight disappointment, when I was hoping for a blinding bright sky blue. It's still pretty, though!

  7. Well, you just saved me 7 bucks. I just picked up Blue Me Away and adore it, so I'll wait on Robyn.

    I love duochromes, having picked up the majority, if not all of the SH Nail prisms when they came out. I have a bunch of green to purple duos, since those are my two fav colors, so Ki just wasn't anything special.

    I would love to see some truly unique duos, I don't know, like a true emerald to a ruby color, but who knows?


  8. If you passed on Pacific Blue, you should also get that one. :) I've had it in my massive pile of untried polishes for the longest time, but finally wore it the other day. It's this great, amped up cornflower blue. I love it!

    The Sally Hansen Prisms are great! I'd love to see more of them! Maybe when spring comes and it gets sunny again, you'll post some? :D

    An emerald to ruby duochrome would be wicked. I'd wear that in a second!

  9. Erin,
    I will absolutely do a collection of the SH Prisms! I ended up doing a mani of Amber Ruby over Essie Playa de Platinum. It was a mess, but the color was pretty freaking rad! Like a sunset on my nails.

    I just splurged on a bunch of polishes, so I'm cutting myself off for a couple of months, so I'm gonna have to go through some of my oldies to get my fix!

    I also have I think all of the SH Chrome Nail Makeups too. Which are awesome!

    BTW, I made myself lust over an emerald to ruby nail polish that doesn't exist. Great. :)


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