Friday, August 5, 2011

Who are you and what have you done with Luci?

Here is the final fall Finger Paints swatch, Cordur-Orange.  So, first off...I hate orange.  Orange just repulses me normally.  It's not my cup of tea and I rarely like it on any one else. So in a growth exercise (ha!) I chose Cordur-Orange as my free polish at Sally's. I would like to pick up the other 6 colors, but bills need to be paid or I have no air conditioning.  And summer in Philly without air conditioning is like living in hell.  Literally.
Anyhoo, pics!  This is 2 coats on a base coat, no top.


Not quite the right color...

So, the pics make this seem much more coral than it is in real life.  It is an absolutely lovely, pumpkiny, spicy terra cotta like color that I surprisingly love!  As others have said, it is a truly fall color, bringing up images of pumpkin pie, fuzzy sweaters and fireplaces all a lit while leaves fall gently in the background while sipping on a hot toddy.  Or that just may be me.

Overall, I am genuinely impressed with Finger Paints.  I've just recently started shopping at Sally's, and I had picked up some of their colors on clearance, but hadn't tried them out yet.  I'll have some swatches of these older colors coming up soon!

Thanks and have a good one!

Luci <(")


  1. I love that color!! I will have to borrow it soon.

  2. It would look great on your skin tone. I will bring it by. I want to pick up Catwalk for Ames.


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