Friday, April 22, 2011

Oh, there you are!

Hello All!

So sorry about the lack in posts, it has been crazy busy!  Started seriously training for my promotion which includes me traveling more than I used too, and I hate my apartment and the commute to work, so I'm looking to move closer to work, which means I'm going to have to move in a couple of months and then I'll move again in a coupleofyearsandI'mgoingonvacationbutnotuntilIgoonabusinesstripfirstandIhavenewneighborswhosedogwon'tstopbarkingand....

So super busy, but that hasn't stopped me from buying polishes!  I've taken advantage of the Earth Day Zoya promotion, since I only piggy backed off of Mac's BOGO order (Apple and Keiko: such restraint I know!), so I am awaiting my 10 polishes!  Of course I ordered Suvita, which is on back order for those who are thinking about it, which is holding up my order.  Hopefully, they will ship them separately because I totally want them before I leave for vacation. Ivanka please come home to me!

Anyhoo, this will be just a quick shot of my Earth Day mani.  I got the idea of a ombre mani from Chloe's Nails, which has some amazing patchwork tutorials that one day, one day I will be brave enough to try!

Earth Day Ombre Mani

Thumb:  American Apparel Army Jacket
Index: Sonia Kashuk Fatigued
Middle: Essie Sew Psyched
Ring: Zoya Shawn
Pinkie: Zoya Envy
All with base coat and Seche Vite

Sorry about the messiness, I was low on light, time and battery power. Lol, I tried retouching a nasty little cut on my cuticle and now it looks like I've got some weird patchy disease there.  Yay me! 

So I love green.  No, not love, obsess.  There has not been a green that I haven't wanted to purchase on the fucking spot.  I could purge every other color in my collection (don't hold me to that, it wouldn't be pretty for either of us) and live quite contently on just green nail polish alone.  Never enough.  never. I think I'm going to only do green ombre manis for the rest of my life.  That is not an exaggeration. 

Thanks and have a good one!

Luci <(")

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