Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Month of blues...

Since the beginning of the year,  I have had a color theme/appreciation each month and I've really enjoyed it!   It's all based on how I have my Melmers organized.   Four Melmers equals twelve drawers... well you get the idea.   I organized my polish by color, not brand,  and if you know me at all, you realize how me this is.  

January was my neutrals/yellows/oranges/browns drawer.   Very refreshing to have mostly neutral nails after the holiday season.   Well by week four I couldn't restrain myself and threw on some crazy purple,  so I gave myself liberty to have a palate cleanser week and do whatever I wanted :).   This gives me the opportunity to wear some of the new polishes that I buy in the month that doesn't go with the theme.  

February was pinky/red,  surprise surprise.   I'm not normally into playing off the whole holiday thing,  but I let a coworker choose and he wanted classic red for Valentines Day,  so pinky/red it was.

Sadly I have not been taking many pictures,  though I'm trying to change that.   I hope you enjoy,  even though these aren't the best manis with the best quality pictures,  but they bring me a little joy and that's all I am going for right now.  

And March will be blues.  

Thanks and have a good one!
<(") Luci

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