Thursday, October 6, 2011

Damn you Essie, you win this round!

Here's a quick NOTD using only Essie colors.  Sigh.  I've been experimenting with multicolors on one hand and decided to give Essie another shot.  Application was great, with 2 coats of each color over Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails, a coat of Poshe, then China Glaze Cracked Concrete to mute it down a smidgen.  I didn't want to like the Essie, but there's been minimal tip wear in 48 hours, which for me is very good!  I would get another full day of wear from this, except I've got a mini college ruin this weekend and will do a British and French manis in honor that.  Sorry I didn't take a pic of the mani before the crackle :(

Thumb: Fair Game
Pointer: Coat Azure
Middle: Dive Bar
Index: Incognito
Pinkie: Sew Psyched  (more of a textured look, even in RL not too much of a distinction)


More sunlight

Weird alien red light

Shadow with flash

Thanks and have a good one!!

Luci <(")

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