Thursday, January 7, 2016

All the nails!

Heya-  thoughts I'd show a couple of my latest manis.  Hope you enjoy!  


This was my birthday mani!   Nars Zulu with FingerPaints Psychedelic Hue. 
The "bad" version of China Glaze Emerald Sparkle.   It's fucking gorgeous.  Love it!  
China Glaze Re-Freshmint and Exotic Encounters.   EE is in my top 3 colors of all time.  


Zoya love here:  did this early this week-  calling it my Granny Mani due to the colors.  Wanted something more neutral but not boring. Zoya Aubrey (3 fingers) and Brigitte (2).  
And the mysterious RIGHT HAND!   Clearly a bit messier, but this was due to using fast drops and sleeping on that side ;/.  Brigitte (2) and Megan (3).  
First off, I used the Zoya system and am surprised how nice they still looked- since I've had chips appear within 24 hours, 96 is pretty damn good!   Wanted to spice it up with a bunch of random neutral Zoyas to build some contrast.  
The right hand again!  And also have more issues taking pictures with my left hand.  

Well there you go!  My goal is to try to do a post once a month, just as a recap.  Or not!   Who knows where life will take me.  

Thank you kindly,


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